Acne can Mar your Skin, Smash it off!!

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Blots and bumps, and too many of them, is no less than spelling disaster. Zitty bumps and the skin spoiling scars they leave scare away any teen. Yet acne arrives nevertheless. So what is your strategy to combat the situation?


Are you just as puzzled as a massive pile of torn shreds of paper? Well fret no more. Losing weight can still be a task but making acne eruption a thing of the past is still something you can easily achieve. Just be patient. Do and act the way I tell you to-

Acne can Mar your Skin, Smash it off!!





  • First of all make sure you do not touch and caress those bumps and zits. It absolutely not shows if you love and pamper your skin, but instead is a telling gesture of conveying how unfaithful you are to your very own skin.
  • Keep the acne riddled area clean, and dry. Hygiene and cleanliness will ensure that your conditions worsen not. Keep that in mind.
  • Do keep oily and greasy food out of reach. Getting tempted to see such foods is literally like a sin. Better not let these contribute to aggravating your acne eruption.

Now it is time to know what you actually need to know when acne eruption has already ceased the glow and glitter of your skin leaving it grumpy and gloating! So here is list of TO-DO things-


  • Make a paste of mint leaves and apply it on the bump. Leave it over night and wash it off the next morning.
  • Apply a sliced clove of garlic on the nick, leave it for 15-20 minutes and wash off gently. It will kill the germs.
  • Turmeric is a great anti septic. Make a paste of it and apply on the acne. It will heal the acne and also remove the scar gradually.
  • Aloe vera juice mixed with lemon can be a great acne remedy. Just apply it and leave it for an hour or so. It will sooth the inflammation and ease the itchy sensation.
  • Use a grandma’s secret recipe to steam away acne, with honey mixed with cucumber juice and lemon drops. Apply on your acne prone face and see the dazzling glow minus the bump.
  • Squeeze a drop of toothpaste on the pimple and let keep it till dry all night. Wash off in the morning and see the inflammation gone and pimple shrunk!

Acne can Mar your Skin, Smash it off!!


With an exhausting list of remedies and tips, you are surely going to taste success. Enjoy a zit-less acne scar free skin!