Balance Your Body’s Cholesterol Levels!!

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‘Excess of anything is bad’. The same holds true for cholesterol too. It is essential, but greater quantities of the substance could have serious repercussions on the body. Therefore, it is always wise to keep it in check!!


Balance Your Body’s Cholesterol Levels!!

Generated mainly by the liver, cholesterol is a wax like, fatty substance. A little amount of it comes from the diet as well. Required for constructing and maintaining cell membranes, this matter also balances body hormones. Moreover, it has an important role to play in manufacturing vitamin D. Thus, the presence of cholesterol is indeed very crucial. Trouble arises only when it surpasses in quantity.

Causes of high cholesterol levels in the body:

  • Lack of exercise and activity
  • Hormonal imbalances in the body
  • Excessive smoking and alcohol intake
  • Diabetes, kidney and liver diseases
  • Under- active thyroid gland
  • Excess weight or simply put, obesity.

Various cholesterol reducing medicines and supplements abound in the market, but do not jump into buying them. Try on the natural remedies prior to settling down on pills. You never know what natural cure may do wonders, so resort to them before going for a specialist treatment.


Balance Your Body’s Cholesterol Levels!!

Get rid of unwanted cholesterol by following the given suggestions:

  • Eat foods low in cholesterol levels. Examples of such eatables include fruits and vegetables, pulses, rice, corn, and other whole grains. Some animal delicacies consisting of cholesterol but low saturated fat are fish, lean chicken and pork, poultry without skin.
  • Rice bran oil is good for destroying the bad cholesterol and preserving the good one.
  • Resort to natural supplements rich in policosnol. This compound dissolves the cholesterol and prevents the formation of unrequited cholesterol as well.
  • Consume green tea and oranges for they contain substances called theaflavinsand d-limonene Both are useful for natural dissolution of cholesterol.  Moreover, they reduce the risks of heart attacks and other complications associated with cholesterol.

Controlling the amount of cholesterol rests largely at your mercy. No matter how many precautions you take, nothing would suffice if an inactive lifestyle is followed. So, exercise regularly and eat fresh items. Dairy products and animal flesh should always be eaten with caution, hence eat wisely and in required quantities. With determination and effort, you could surely make your body healthy and cholesterol free.