Bring Dieting to an End- Stop This Malevolent Cycle

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Usually, lack of discipline and knowledge, false beliefs and incorrect information, conventional habits and most importantly we ourself put our body in trouble. Dieting has nowadays become a hot topic not only amongst the adults but also among the kids. The topic of dieting has not only given rise to squabbles but has also received emotional and mixed reactions. False and misleading information tend to put dieters in a dilemma and they struggle a lot but are unable to lose weight properly. These orthodox approaches bring failure due to which a lot of energy and money is wasted.

Bring Dieting to an End- Stop This Malevolent Cycle

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As we all know obesity is a cause of eating too much. But how to get rid of this vicious cycle remains a major concern?

There are a few facts regarding our body which should be kept in mind before we begin to lose weight.

  • Losing weight by starvation hampers the natural process of eating as proper intake of food is stopped.
  • By eating less than what our body needs daily, we tend to keep our body in a semi-starvation state. This leads to saving of hunger till the body can weight but at the end we are forced to over eat and our dieting efforts are ruined.
  • This makes our body habitual of the routine and it gets convinced that our body depends on starvation and reserving fat.
  • The body then reaches a point where it can no longer starve itself and this results in over eating which converts the food into stored fat.

The afore stated conventional way leaves you in a very bumpy situation where you and your body are at war. One is fighting to lose weight and the other is fighting to stay alive. But the good news is that here are a few tips by which you can easily lose weight and gain a slim and lean body that too naturally.

Bring Dieting to an End- Stop This Malevolent Cycle


  1. Eat well– Eat as if you are not over weight. Just eat whenever you are hungry. Eat at short intervals taking proper gaps between your meals. This will make your body habitual of not storing the fat. You need to eat, then stop, then eat again. Eventually this will make you less hungry and you won’t eat more.
  2. Storage of new fat– When you stop starving you bring the vicious cycle to an end which leads to less eating and thus the storage of fat.
  3. Providing the body with fuel– Give your body a proper and incessant supplication of fuel. This will lower down your hunger and won’t increase your weight.

Thus giving your body ample and vivid range of food will stop the aberrant and unnatural way of dieting and help you maintain an ideal body weight.

Bring Dieting to an End- Stop This Malevolent Cycle

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