Build a Good Physique and Gain Muscle Mass with Push-ups

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Many people believe that the task of building a good physique, packed with essential set of muscles, cannot be completed without the use of costly gym equipments. However these allusions are not true because such a good body shape can be easily achieved with the help of push-up exercises.

Push-up is a simple callisthenic exercise in which you have to lie on the floor facing down and then use your arms to push the body upwards with the toes pressed firmly against the floor. But in this process it engages all the crucial muscles in your arms, legs, abdomen, chest, back and shoulders. In this manner it is able to provide you a full body workout by lifting your own body-weight.

Build a Good Physique and Gain Muscle Mass with Push-ups


Bigger the number of push-ups you perform better would be the development of your muscles. However, there is a proper way to go about it by following repetitive sets of push-ups after every half-a-minute break. In the initial stage, one set should contain 10 to 15 repetitions whereas at a later stage this number shall be made to go up to 20. Also a single workout session should not contain more than 200 push-ups in total, for beginners.

It advisable not to overdo these push-ups beyond this point or you may end up with ruptured muscles and a lot of pain. The idea is to increase the number of push-ups in a session very slowly and gradually as your body gains more and more strength.

Another essential part it to feed your body with nutritious and high-protein diet and with the intake of large amounts of water. This would ensure that you muscles get sufficient nutrition to gain mass and strength.

Build a Good Physique and Gain Muscle Mass with Push-ups


In the process of working out regularly if you feel an increased amount of stress on your muscles at any point then you need to put them at rest for a few days so that they can recuperate. The best way is to strategize your workout keeping in mind the capacity of your body. This means that you don’t have to go by the numbers and exercise till the point where your body remains stress-free.

So go ahead and utilize the benefits of push-up exercises to build a good physique without having to join a gym.

Build a Good Physique and Gain Muscle Mass with Push-ups

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