Diet for Maintaining A Shiny and Beautiful Crop of Hair

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Like other parts of the body, your hair also requires the right kind of food and a good amount of care, to remain healthy and strong. In the absence of any of these two factors, it is bound to suffer. Using some good hair-care product regularly may seem like a good attempt to safeguard its health but this may not be sufficient enough. Along with it, you need to take into observation, the kind of food you eat because it serves as the source of nutrition for your hair as well.

The most common issue related to hair is that of hair-loss which takes place when it becomes very weak in terms of strength and happen to break-up easily. In order to avoid this, you should feed it with vital nutrients like silica and iron which imbibe a high tensile strength within it. These nutrients exist in abundance in food elements like green leafy vegetables therefore, it becomes necessary for you to consume these food elements, if you wish to stop hair-fall.

Diet for Maintaining A Shiny and Beautiful Crop of Hair


Other food substances like beets, radish, carrots, broccoli and basil also prove to be highly beneficial for your hair. These can be consumed either in the cooked or the raw form, depending on your choice. People usually like to have them in the form of salads, so you can give it a try as well.

Excess of spicy food may be considered harmful by many a people but certain spices like cumin andturmeric help a lot in keeping up the health of your hair. A regular intake of these spices may turn your hair more shiny and soft to touch.

No form of diet can be complete without the inclusion of fruits as they happen to contain several vital nutrients that are hard to find anywhere else. Fruits like berries, grapes, raisins and melons should be consumed frequently, in sufficient quantities to ensure good overall growth of hair. Besides this, the consumption of seasonal fruits is an activity with multiple benefits.


Diet for Maintaining A Shiny and Beautiful Crop of Hair

Coconut oil has been quite popular and has been widely used for hair-care, for centuries. Therefore, consuming coconut in raw form or eating the coconut-based recipes can prove to be highly beneficial in maintaining beautiful and shiny hair.

Another important thing is to quit bad habits such as smoking and excessive coffee-drinking since elevated levels of nicotine and caffeine in your blood may prove to be quite harmful for your hair.